Sustainable Packaging That Stands Out

 The goal of Canned Goods is to end all plastic packaging. We recognize that we share this goal with hundreds of other businesses and communities across the world. Canned Goods hopes to provide other brands with packaging that is not only sustainable, but is also unique, collectable and engaging.

Ducky's Pineapple Bannana Bread

We sealed graphic merchandise of a local bannana bread vendor inside our collectable cans. The labels included their social media and fun graphics. Coupons, stickers and promotional cards were included. This provided Ducky's with a fun way to package their merchandise that was memorable to their customers!

GCU and WashTheCity

Providing Sustainable Packaging

Canned Goods helped GCU's student body government create sustainable packaging that students would remember during GCU's "Green Week" event

Collectable and Sustainable

Each Organic Cotton Tee was printed by Wash The City, a local brand dedicated to ending homlessness, and sealed in our collectable and 100% recyclable cans.

Upcyling promotion

Besides the shirt, every can also included a notecard with facts about plastic waste and wildflower seeds. This promoted upcycling so the cans could be used as flower pots, coin banks, pencil holders... the sky is the limit!

Brand Recognition

Each Can Label is designed to promote home decor and collectability. This ensures the cans will be kept as decoration and a constant reminder of WashTheCity's and ASGCU's mission for sustainabilty.

Eazy Skate Co.

The Project

Canned Goods printed and packaged Eazy Skate Co. apparel and stickers in reusable and sustainable cans for a limited drop that their followers loved.

Standing Out

In an atmosphere filled with countless skate and apparel brands, we helped Eazy Skate Co. garner social media attention and stand out from the crowd.


The unique packaging and unboxing experience helped garner hundreds of thousands of views on social media.

Creative Reusability

Followers of Eazy Skate Co. were able to find fun and unique ways to reuse their cans such as storage for skate tools and wheels, obstacles to jump and do tricks over, and stands to steady their phones and take video.


Canned Goods also pledged to donate portions of profits to remove a pound of plastic waste for every can Eazy Skate Co. sold. This helped Eazy Skate Co lead a mission of sustainability with the help of their followers.

Get Involved

Canned Goods loves working with other brands to spread our mission across the globe! Canned Goods is happy to supply Canned Apparel for events, brand collabs, personal merchandise and retail wholesale. To learn more and get started email !